Don't let COVID kill your business.
Online Sales Are Up 25% from January, Website Optimization

eCommerce Booming as We Enter April 2020

Online Sales Are Up 25% from January

As COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation, shelter-in-place orders are being enforced with fines and jail time. These intense safeguards are forcing people to turn more and more to the internet to do their shopping. Even as we enter what promises to be a significant recession, online sales are up 25% from the beginning of the year.

In addition to the regular product trends, there’s been a massive increase in in-store pickup and delivery of fitness products, toilet paper, computers, food, hygiene products, and more. BOPIS has seen a 62% increase since the beginning of the year as businesses establish or utilize their online presence to maintain sales.

In today’s digital age, it was already a good idea to be online, even if it’s just a Google My Business listing. Businesses that underwent the digital transformation prior to the COVID-19 outbreak are now reaping massive benefits for their foresight. For those that are still solely brick and mortar, integrating online access with their physical storefront is now critical to survival, assuming we’re still looking at months of uncertainty, high infectivity, and mandatory social shutdown.

The takeaway from this experience for the physical commerce market is that an online presence isn’t just a marketing tool; it’s essential for maintaining a successful business in today’s largely digital economy. Purchasing power in the physical world continues to crash while online purchasing power experiences a surge due to necessity and generally preferable pricing.

Don’t Let COVID Kill Your Business

Get your business online now to minimize your losses, take advantage of the huge spike in digital sales that will be going on for at least the next several months, and facilitate sustained sales increases for the future.

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Coding, Coding? Coding!

Coding? Coding!

This will be a short personal update. I’m trying to find the time to write more, but I probably don’t have to tell you about the severe shortage of hours in a day. As I’ve mentioned, writing for myself is kind of a nightmare and most days I just don’t have anything to say. When I do have something to say, I usually tell myself I’ll say it tomorrow. Bad habit, I know. I’m working on it.


As a copywriter, I work hand-in-hand with designers who build websites for bloggers, eCommerce stores, small businesses, etc. They make the site; I write the words. It’s been a great arrangement and I love my job, but I’ve suddenly become very excited about the possibility of doing the whole damn thing myself.

I was sitting at Starbucks the other day when a friend showed me a website that teaches coding for free. Totally comprehensive curriculum. The thought of learning this stuff had crossed my mind a time or two, but looking at this program, it started to seem less daunting and a lot more realistic.

Being able to create an entire website, content and all, without contracting would more than double my income, and I know you guys remember how awesome you felt when you went into the HTML on your Myspace page and changed your font colors or copy/pasted some awesome theme.


For those who don’t know, I paint and draw a bit. Designing websites feels like some kind of marriage between my job and my passion. I know all the best websites have some serious coding going on underneath and it won’t be easy to learn it all, but I know I would love the challenge of creating something awesome that works, just like I do with writing and [try to do with] art.

Of course there’s still the issue of time that I already struggle with. Will I sacrifice my painting, beach-going, and gym regimen to learn coding or will this be an opportunity I miss out on? Or will I take it slow and build my first website in 2027? Who knows? Not me. Keep ’em guessing; that’s my motto.

If I do happen to be successful, I plan on making a follow-up post to celebrate and to share the free coding program with you. I don’t want to share it now and then tarnish their rep by being a total failure. So here’s hoping there will be a post in the relatively near future to announce some new services at FMSkeen.