Connect with your audience and give your pitch its best chance at success.

I use consumer psychology and time-honored marketing techniques to guide your readers towards your desired action. Every delivery comes with a free revision and further revisions are available upon request. See Rates and Payment for further information on revisions.

I can deliver the finished copy to your email address or input the copy directly into your website or email platform, provided you are comfortable granting me temporary access.

Web Pages

  • About
  • Contact
  • Services
  • Home
  • Landing
  • Product Description
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials
  • Blog

Sales Copy

  • B2B Sales Letter
  • B2C Sales Letter
  • Marketing Email
  • Newsletter
  • Package Insert
  • Product Label
  • Stick Letter
  • Flyer/Poster
  • Brochure

***This is not a complete list. Contact me with inquiries.***

Web Content

The textual content on your website is arguably its most important feature. The quality of your content determines the perceived value of your entire site and of your product or service. Well-written content provides benefits that work together to ultimately increase your audience and sales.

More Conversions

Content that’s readable, enjoyable, and informative will inspire feelings of trust and confidence, the keys to conversion. If your content makes your visitors think you’re unprofessional, they’re not going to buy.

Improved SEO

Original content is one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO. I stay informed of Google updates and use proper keyword placement and word count to optimize your ranking.

Improved Usability

The usability of your website relies heavily on the clarity of your content. Clear, concise writing that guides the reader to a specific Call To Action will focus traffic to the pages you want them to see.

Sales Copy

Sales copy has the power to draw traffic, pull clients and affiliates, convert readers to customers, and bring them back to see you again. Your copy can break your business or help it grow to its full potential.

Personalized Content

A letter or email will be drastically more effective when the recipient feels like it was written to him or her. Templates and form letters are easily dismissed because your recipients don’t feel like your pitch is meant for them.

Benefit Focus

What the reader needs to know and what you want to say are not always the same thing. I focus on the benefits the reader will experience from your product/service, so you get more conversions.

Engaging Readability

You can’t win over your reader if he or she is asleep. Concise and engaging language that’s easily skimmable will allow your busy audience to extract the information they need and get on board before they get bored.

Clear CTA

Every page of sales copy has a goal. Click the link, call the number, buy the product. Whatever your specific Call To Action is, sales copy from FMSkeen will make it clear, tempting, and easy to follow.

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