Rates and Payment

How much does professional copywriting cost?

My general rate is $0.06 per word. Every project comes with one free revision. Additional revisions are $0.02 per word. To see what this comes out to for some common projects, see the table below.

Note: On Fiverr, my rate is $0.075, but we share the benefit of third-party quality control. You can also find some more in-depth descriptions on Fiverr for each service I offer there. Click here to visit me on Fiverr.

Once your final revision is completed and you accept the content, you can send payment via PayPal to Contact@FMSkeen.com. Invoice provided upon request. All content is the intellectual property of FMSkeen until payment is processed.

Common Project Costs

ProjectStandard CostAdditional Revision
Full Website, up to 1500 words$90.00$30.00
Blog Post, 500 words$30.00$10.00
B2B Sales Letter, up to 200 words$12.00$4.00
Creative Work (Slogans, Taglines, etc.)$15/hr
About Page, up to 300 words$18.00$6.00
Product Description, 10 x 100 words$60.00$20.00
Landing Page, up to 600 words$36.00$12.00
Ghostwriting, up to 10,000 words$600.00$200.00
Physical Marketing (Flyer, Package Insert, etc.), up to 100 words$6.00$2.00

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