Don't let COVID kill your business.

eCommerce Booming as We Enter April 2020

Online Sales Are Up 25% from January

As COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation, shelter-in-place orders are being enforced with fines and jail time. These intense safeguards are forcing people to turn more and more to the internet to do their shopping. Even as we enter what promises to be a significant recession, online sales are up 25% from the beginning of the year.

In addition to the regular product trends, there’s been a massive increase in in-store pickup and delivery of fitness products, toilet paper, computers, food, hygiene products, and more. BOPIS has seen a 62% increase since the beginning of the year as businesses establish or utilize their online presence to maintain sales.

In today’s digital age, it was already a good idea to be online, even if it’s just a Google My Business listing. Businesses that underwent the digital transformation prior to the COVID-19 outbreak are now reaping massive benefits for their foresight. For those that are still solely brick and mortar, integrating online access with their physical storefront is now critical to survival, assuming we’re still looking at months of uncertainty, high infectivity, and mandatory social shutdown.

The takeaway from this experience for the physical commerce market is that an online presence isn’t just a marketing tool; it’s essential for maintaining a successful business in today’s largely digital economy. Purchasing power in the physical world continues to crash while online purchasing power experiences a surge due to necessity and generally preferable pricing.

Don’t Let COVID Kill Your Business

Get your business online now to minimize your losses, take advantage of the huge spike in digital sales that will be going on for at least the next several months, and facilitate sustained sales increases for the future.

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