The First Step Towards Growing a Successful Online Business

Running a business often requires an unexpected amount of writing. Posts, sales letters, digital and physical marketing materials… Even if you find the time, getting it just right can be difficult, and getting it wrong can have a detrimental effect on your business. Get the positive response you need from your audience on your website, across Google and social media, and in your email campaigns by choosing FMSkeen for your web content and marketing copy.

More Traffic

When the content on your website is original and substantial, you’ll find yourself receiving more organic traffic with a lower bounce rate. What could a bigger audience do for your business?

More Conversions

Poorly-written content or a lack of information can cause a reader to lose trust in your brand. Maximize your conversions with content that gives your readers the confidence to join, buy, or respond.

More Sales

What happens when you have more traffic and more conversions? More sales and a measurable increase to your bottom line. Contact FMSkeen to start growing your business today.

Do you need a website designed and built for you?

I know just the guys. Design Develop Now is a skilled graphics and web design team with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working many times. They can provide your logos, digital marketing designs, website development, and much more. Check them out!

I was born in San Bernardino, California and raised in Midland, Texas, where I majored in English. I now live in South Texas, where I continue my education in consumer psychology and SEO. Read More About FMSKeen…

Who Writes This Stuff??

Working on Your Own Copywriting Career?

A lot of the traffic I get is from aspiring copywriters who want to improve their skills or are just curious whether you can really make a career out of copywriting on a freelance basis. Rest assured, you can. Skratch Paper is a blog that focuses on the struggles, best practices, how-to’s, and theory behind successful copywriting.

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Great experience, FMSkeen is very on top of her work – willing to go above & beyond to deliver exactly what I was looking for


After placing several smaller orders with FMSkeen, we we very happy with her quality of work and first time success rate. So, we decided to place a larger order of 50 product descriptions and she delivered yet again with fantastic results!